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Our Peer Helpers PLUS program is a comprehensive, prevention and support program that partners with schools to promote the mental health of our youth, and teach them to advocate for one another.

One Peer Helper tutoring a classmate

Multi-Tiered Support System

Our Peer Helpers PLUS program has taken the traditional principles of peer support and streamlined peer-to-peer support, as well as expanded to other components, which have been identified by educators and administrators as the “missing pieces” in their schools. Peer Helpers PLUS works on a multi-tiered support system as it provides three components:

School-wide comprehensive prevention and SEL curricula, for individual grade levels K-12
Student peer-to-peer support system, elementary and secondary grade levels
Data collection and reporting tool, for data analysis and program customization. 

Peer-to-Peer Support

The Peer Helpers component of the program teaches a diverse group of students core skills to help them identify and communicate with their at-risk classmates. The concept is based on the fact that when a young person is seeking help, they will likely reach out to their peers long before turning to an adult. 

These trained students known as Peer Helpers offer their fellow students encouragement and assistance with the day-to-day challenges -- serving as tutors, mentors, mediators, and support systems for their peers. Peer Helpers serve as role models and assistants to youth who may not have either at home.

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Implement Peer Helpers PLUS in Your School
Peer Helpers PLUS is packaged to be easily implemented as an extra-curricular club, or an elective course. Follow the link in this section to Join a Live Demo with a Peer Helpers PLUS Specialist

Being a Peer Helper has helped me to understand others and empathize with them. I use these skills to effectively solve disputes and help kids work through issues, and I take pride in the fact that I am now considered someone to go to in times of need.

A. Crepeau
8th Grade Peer Helper

The Peer Helpers program is one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had in high school, and it inspired me to become a teacher. I learned first-hand the importance of leadership, empathy, communication, and kindness, through the training and service opportunities that the program continually offers.

Carol T.
Teacher & Former Peer Helpers Student

Peer Helpers is an unforgettable experience! I will forever cherish this program because of the opportunities I’ve had to be personable with my fellow students and encourage them to overcome obstacles in their lives. I have become a better individual, inside and out, through the Peer Helpers program at my school.

T. Cameron
12th Grade Peer Helper

The Peer Helpers program not only addresses the state requirements of prevention on our campus, but does so in the most efficient and impactful way – through our students!

Russ M.
Principal, Foley High School (25+ years in education)