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ThriveWay's Roots

In October of 1997, the Moore family of four — who lived on a farm in Foley, Alabama — tragically became a family of three. The oldest child, Jennifer Claire Moore, who had turned 16 in July and started school in August, took her own life in early October.

The Moore family was left with many questions and no answers, but they did learn one thing. Jennifer had casually mentioned to her friends that no one would miss her if she were not there. Her friends disregarded the comment, not understanding the magnitude of her words.

Jennifer Claire Moore, riding horse in Baldwin County, AL

With this information, the support of counselors, and information gained through research, The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation was established, and the Peer Helpers Program was introduced to Baldwin County, Alabama in 1998.

Jennifer’s family wanted to enable all young people to have access to assistance, understanding, and positive reinforcement when they needed it.

As the demand for Peer Helpers continued to heighten, the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation decided to extend the program, making it available to others beyond Baldwin County. ThriveWay was created for this purpose. ThriveWay takes the JCMF’s 20 years of accomplishments, research, and feedback from across the nation, and brings to you Peer Helpers!

Take a few minutes to hear from Jennifer's mom, Frances, in the video included here.

Frances Holk-Jones

Frances serves as Chairman on the Board of Advisors. She is a successful business entrepreneur, and an active youth activist. As a Co-Founder and Chairman of the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation, she has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of more than 40 Peer Helper programs in elementary, middle, and high schools in Baldwin County, Alabama.

Frances is a top-ranking State Farm agent, and is the President of a major insurance firm. She has devoted her life to making a difference in the lives of today’s youth through education, philanthropy, and countless volunteer hours.

Frances is married to Carl Jones, and they have four children: Grayson Moore, Carl Jones II, Lee Jones, and the late Jennifer Moore. They also have two grandsons, Maxwell and William.