Bring Peer Helpers PLUS into Your School

The Peer Helpers PLUS Program is an efficient and effective way to address youth mental health in our schools today. This program can be implemented as an extra-curricular club, or an elective course. Instituting Peer Helpers PLUS not only helps schools meet state mandates, but does so in a manner that truly touches the lives of our youth.

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Peer Helpers PLUS was established with standards, a code of ethics, and a training plan to ensure integrity and ease of implementation. It is packaged to be both readily available to schools and organizations, as well as fully supported while those new programs are put into place. The package includes training, curriculum, software, and an online component with technical support.

Read through this site to learn more about our program package and implementation standards. If you are interested in a quote, or learning more about bringing Peer Helpers into your school system, fill out the form below, or contact us today!

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