Five Ways to Beat the January Blues

Five Ways to Beat the January Blues

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (January 19, 2023) - Are you having difficulty sleeping, feeling sad, or having no energy now that the holidays are over? You are not alone. The January Blues is a real thing experienced by many people during this time of year and has a gamut of contributing factors such as:

  • The weather begins to get colder and drearisome, and the earlier sunsets give us less sunlight.
  • The excitement of the holidays is over, and we have returned to work, school, and our normal life routines.
  • We may not have accomplished all we wanted to last year and/or feel pressure from our newfound resolutions.
  • We may be carrying a little more weight after enjoying too much food and/or alcoholic beverages during the holidays.
  • The holiday bills have started rolling in, and we may have spent more than we had planned or needed to.

The good news is that the January Blues are temporary, and there are ways to help boost your mood during this period and improve your overall mental well-being that will carry you throughout the new year!

Ways to Beat the January Blues:

  1. LOOK FOR THE POSITIVES - It can sometimes seem easier to focus on the bad things that happen rather than the good. However, if we remind ourselves to look for at least one positive thing in each adverse situation, we will enhance our coping skills while simultaneously building our resilience. Plus, it is much easier to find hidden opportunities when we are looking for that silver lining!
  2. SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH LOVED ONES - Did you know that when we make human connections, our brain releases chemicals that make us feel better? Spending time with those we love the most - even if it is a daily or weekly phone call - can significantly improve our mental wellness!
  3. LOOK FOR WAYS TO MANAGE YOUR STRESS - Everyone has days that are tougher than others. Long-term stress can lead to health issues, so it's important to identify stress management techniques that work for you. It's important to recognize things in your life that may trigger stress so you can effectively learn to minimize the negative effects on overall mental well-being. Practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or yoga can be tremendously helpful. Other stress management techniques can include doing things you love, such as enjoying the outdoors, exercising regularly, and reading.
  4. STAY ACTIVE - Try your hardest to keep your mind & body moving even when you feel in a slump! While everyone needs a break from time to time, staying in bed or on the couch too long can lead to increased negative energy. Take a walk around your neighborhood or the park. Play a challenging game or do a crossword puzzle to keep your mind active.
  5. GET GOOD SLEEP - While you sleep, your brain and body heal and process information. The average adult should get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Are you getting enough rest?

Suppose the January Blues are not subsiding after a few weeks. In that case, you may be experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is clinical depression caused by biological factors rather than environmental or situational ones and may require more intensive treatment/therapy.  Please reach out for help if you ever feel overwhelmed or in despair.   For a list of resources, you can visit our website at:

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