North Alabama Middle School Recognized for Outstanding Achievements

North Alabama Middle School Recognized for Outstanding Achievements

(Fairhope, Ala.), [DATE] – Sardis Middle School's Peer Helpers PLUS program, in collaboration with ThriveWay, has garnered national recognition for its exceptional achievements in fostering positive change and creating an inclusive school environment. Recently distinguished in the latest Acts of Service contest, their Peer Helpers PLUS program stands as a beacon of success, impacting thousands of lives in north Alabama.

The Peer Helpers PLUS program at Sardis Middle School is defined by its innovative approach to promoting awareness and inclusivity. A standout feature is the integration of schoolwide challenges, transforming the promotion of a drug-free environment into a creative and engaging experience for all students. These challenges range from encouraging positive self-reflection to addressing important issues like reporting concerns for others in need.

A significant aspect of the program is its dedication to addressing serious matters such as suicide and mental health awareness. The impact of training and open discussions on Peer Helpers has been profound, empowering them to identify and assist fellow students in distress. Reports from students highlight that their training has led to legitimate concerns being promptly addressed, ensuring their peers receive the help they need.

Sardis Middle School's Peer Helpers PLUS program has introduced key initiatives that have significantly impacted the school environment:

Schoolwide Challenges: A creative approach to raising awareness within the student body, making it a fun and inclusive experience. Challenges range from positive self-reflection to addressing serious concerns for others.

Start with Hello Week: Setting a positive tone for the school year by promoting student interaction, school spirit, and community-building.

Hallway Displays: Diverse displays bringing awareness to events and monthly themes, unraveling a variety of topics previously unknown to students.

World Smile Day: Creating smiley faces with positive/funny quotes, fostering a positive atmosphere within the school.

Suicide Prevention/Mental Health Training: A crucial component addressing serious matters, proving essential for Peer Helpers in assisting others in distress.

The Peer Helpers PLUS program has elicited a positive response from students, resulting in behavioral, confidence, and academic performance improvements. The school observes a ripple effect where students model the positive behavior of Peer Helpers, creating a culture of positivity within the school.

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ThriveWay is the leading peer-to-peer prevention and support company in the nation, empowering students to be academically, socially, and emotionally successful; to recognize and resolve conflict; to value diversity; and to be advocates for positive change and healthy choices.  Through their evidence-based Peer Helpers PLUS program, they partner with schools to promote the mental health of youth, teach peer advocacy, and reduce student violence and suicide.