ThriveWay Announces 2022 Thankful Campaign Nominees

ThriveWay Announces 2022 Thankful Campaign Nominees

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – ThriveWay, the nation’s leading peer-to-peer prevention and support company, recently announced nominees for their 2022 Thankful Campaign.   This inaugural social media event was held during the month of November calling for nominations of outstanding individuals that have gone above and beyond in their roles as Peer Helpers PLUS program coordinators. 

Those nominated embody the mission of the Peer Helpers PLUS program in empowering students to be academically, socially, and emotionally successful; to recognize and resolve conflict; to value diversity; and to be advocates for positive change and healthy choices.

“This incredible group of individuals are committed to making a better world for the youth across this nation. We are so very thankful that they have used the tools of the Peer Helpers PLUS program to truly make an impact in their schools and equip their students with the life skills necessary to become academically, socially, and emotionally successful” said Ruby McCullough, Co-Founder and Vice President of ThriveWay. 

Here are a few excerpts from the inspiring nominations.

“She works hard to help students in all aspects of their high school career. She has brought positivity into our school and has helped lead several days of outreach. Cindi has organized peer helper activities such as going to the elementary schools and allowing high school students and athletes to work the car rider lines. She has also helped organize volunteer opportunities for peer helpers to work fall festivals at our local elementary schools. These projects have brought about positive changes in our community and is helping build positive relationships between our students, community and parents.”

“Ben is an extremely dedicated Peer Helper Coordinator who is constantly looking for ways to make the Peer Helper program at Forest Hills both successful and a fun opportunity for the kids. Along with modeling for the Peer Helpers the importance of reaching out and being a friend and confidant for students, he has implemented things such as Turkey Grams for a Thanksgiving surprise for all students, Peer Helper reading partners for younger students, and had the Peer Helpers assist in planting sweet potatoes in the Outdoor Classroom (that they assisted in pulling weeds and cleaning up) which were harvested and turned into sweet potato casserole! He is constantly searching out opportunities for his Peer Helpers to build meaningful relationships with fellow students. His passion for all of our 800+ students to be united as one student body and ensure that students will have a friend and confidant in any setting (bus, lunchroom, classroom, club, activity, etc) is truly inspiring.”

“Mrs. Meadows goes above and beyond for her students in her role as Elementary Peer Helper Coordinator. She is equipping students with life skills necessary to be successful and she does an outstanding job with the Peer Helper Program. Because of her, our program is changing the lives of the students and families that we serve.”

The following is a list of all that received nominations:

Cherie Meadows, University Charter School

Crystal May, University Charter School

Cheryl Randolph, R.B. Hudson STEAM Academy

Shondra Dixon, Legacy Prep Charter School

Greenlee McBurnett, Southside High School

Ben Bradford, Forest Hills Elementary School

Thomas Helus, Morningview Elementary School

Latoyra Hawthorne, Morningview Elementary School

Nick Seale, Hale County Middle

Bethnee Durham, Gardendale Elementary School

Cindi Rainey, West End High School

VonKeshia Troupe Morgan, Aliceville Elementary School

ThriveWay would like to say thank you to everyone that plays a part in implementing and fulfilling the ThriveWay mission for youth across the country. If you’d like to learn more about this wonderful program visit


ThriveWay is the leading peer-to-peer prevention and support company in the nation, empowering students to be academically, socially, and emotionally successful; to recognize and resolve conflict; to value diversity; and to be advocates for positive change and healthy choices.  Through their evidence-based Peer Helpers PLUS program, they partner with schools to promote the mental health of youth, teach peer advocacy, and reduce student violence and suicide.