Top Peer Helpers PLUS Programs Recognition Update

Top Peer Helpers PLUS Programs Recognition Update

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (September 28, 2023) - The Peer Helpers PLUS program, a comprehensive mental health prevention and support initiative by ThriveWay, is making a significant impact on student lives across the nation. ThriveWay recently honored the top educational institutions implementing their evidence-based program with the 2023 Acts of Service Awards. This recognition was given to exceptional schools that have adopted the Peer Helpers PLUS program on their campuses, based on a variety of factors. 

Each category winner was awarded $500 for their respective grade group. However, the grand prize of $1,000 was bestowed upon Sardis Middle School in Sardis City, Ala. They plan to use their winnings to bolster community outreach initiatives, host Peer Helper events, and provide crucial support to suicide prevention and mental health campaigns.

The individual category Acts of Service award recipients are using their award monies in unique and impactful ways. Ardmore High School, for instance, is channeling its funds to promote Peer Helper campaigns throughout the academic year. On the other hand, Asheville Elementary School has opted to invest in a kindness campaign, involving the purchase of wristbands. They’re also buying Peer Helper t-shirts, facilitating easy identification of Peer Helpers by both teachers and students. Harlan Elementary School has initiated an innovative approach, implementing "Grab and Go" bags. These bags are filled with items like stress balls and stuffed animals, providing instant support for students in need. Lastly, Russellville High School organized a school-wide assembly focusing on substance abuse and mental health, featuring performances and discussions by renowned musicians. They are also planning to utilize the award money for a team-building activity during their upcoming annual Peer Helper training day.

Boasting over 700 Peer Helpers PLUS Programs nationwide, the Peer Helper PLUS initiative employs a comprehensive, two-tiered approach to promote the mental health of today’s youth, reduce youth violence, and prevent suicide. For more information about the Peer Helpers PLUS program, please visit


About ThriveWay: ThriveWay is the leading peer-to-peer prevention and support company in the nation, empowering students to be academically, socially and emotionally successful; to recognize and resolve conflict; to value diversity; and to be advocates for positive change and healthy choices. Through their evidence-based Peer Helpers PLUS program, they partner with schools to promote the mental health of youth, teach peer advocacy and reduce student violence and suicide. For more information visit