Let's talk about
Mental Health

For Students in Grades K-6

Did you know...
Everyone has feelings…joyful feelings, disappointed feelings, frustrated feelings. Everyone also experiences difficult life events. Everyone has bad days, and it can be difficult when these days are caused by things you cannot control.

You may worry about the health of your family, your family’s money, or your parent’s job.

Some people live in areas that are not safe. Some people worry about fitting in or not having friends. Many of these things we cannot control.

You cannot make people like you, or make people get along, or even control who gets sick.

But there are things you can control like using good coping skills. A coping skill is a strategy you use to help you deal with difficult feelings.

All of the adults at our school want you to know that when you think the stress and worry are too much for you, it’s time to let people know. It can be scary to talk to people about the things that really bother you, but that’s exactly why we call those people our “support system.”

The support beams on a bridge or in a building keep it strong and functioning. Your support system is there for your strength.

Believe it or not, they would want you to come to them so that they could listen to you and help you.

Please talk to people at home, at school, or trusted friends. Remember that you would do the same for them.

The resources below will help you take control of your worry & improve your life. They include coping skills to practice, videos to help you learn about stress, and links to websites that will teach you more about keeping your mind and heart strong.

Self-help & coping skills

Be thankful.
Find reasons to give thanks for life and daily blessings.

Sleep well and eat well.

Make time for fun.
Laugh, dance, draw, color, write about your day, play music, play with your pets.

Get organized.
Pack your backpack or lay out clothes the night before.

Forgive yourself when needed. We all make mistakes.

Exercise or play actively.
Get at least 15 minutes of sunshine every day.

Use your support system.
Get your feelings out by talking to trusted friends and adults.

Don’t let electronics rule your life.
- Delete social media friends who aren’t friends
- Take time off
- Set screen limits
- Unfollow celebrities who have bad habits
- Get out of unhealthy groups
- Turn off comments


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“What Causes Anxiety and Depression: Inside Out”

“Positive Self-Talk”

Helplines & Resources:
15 Coping Strategies. Very Well Mind (2020)

Kids Health from Nemours 
This link has a feature to read it aloud to you, and is available in English and en español.